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Story of the week #10 – Stealing Cat

Story of the week #10 – Stealing Cat

Do you have a pet? Maybe a cat? I’m sure there have been times when your pet has done something that you didn’t like. But I imagine the cat in this week’s story of the week is much worse than your pet!

This is a cat that has a habit of stealing things! Pixel is Kate Baker’s cat. Kate, from Hampshire in England, realised her cat’s stealing habit was so bad that she has promised to return the stolen objects to their owners.

This news story from the BBC is entertaining. We recommend a B2 level and above to really enjoy it (B1 learners can also follow the story). There are some great words to learn on the topic of theft and stealing. See below for some vocabulary help.

Some vocabulary to look out for

(Most of the words below are used in noun form in the article, but they are the same word in verb form – easy!)

thieving (adj) – used to describe people (or cats!) who steal things

hoard (n) (also a verb) – a large amount of something that someone has saved and hidden

surge (n) (also a verb) – a sudden and great increase

plea (n) (also a verb) – an urgent and emotional request

plunder (n) (also a verb) – the act of stealing or taking large amounts of money or goods from a place

wail (n) (also a verb) – a long, high, loud cry

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