Story of the week #11 – Train Whale

Whale sculpture supporting train carriage

Have you ever wondered if a whale sculpture made of plastic can support the weight of a train carriage? No, me neither. However, the answer is yes, yes it can!

This was discovered in Rotterdam yesterday, when a train overran the blocks at Spijkenisse station. Nobody was hurt, but the incident was certainly strange and that’s why it’s this week’s Story of the Week.

We recommend a B1 level and above to enjoy this week’s story.

Vocabulary to look out for

come to a halt (v phr) – to completely stop moving

overrun (v) – to continue past an intended limit

hold together (v phr) – to keep complete or in its original state or condition

afterthought (n) – an idea, thought, or plan that was not originally intended but is thought of at a later time

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