Story of the week #5 – Train Art


This week you might have seen the latest work by artist Banksy on the London Underground. Well, it was very quickly removed by cleaning staff who were unaware of who had created the piece.

This is the article from BBC News. We recommend a B2 level or above to really enjoy this article.

Vocabulary to look out for

renowned (adj) – famous for something

unveil (v) – If you unveil something new, you show it or make it known for the first time

stencil (n) – a picture made by drawing or painting through the holes in such a piece of card, etc. onto a surface

smudge (n) – a mark with no particular shape that is caused, usually by accident, by rubbing something such as ink or a dirty finger across a surface

carriage (n) – any of the separate parts of a train in which the passengers sit

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