Story of the week #14 – Google Assistant Fun

Google Assistant

We have already published a guide on how you can improve your pronunciation. We mention Google Assistant as a way to do this.

This week’s article of the week suggests some fun ways you can use Google Assistant in English with jokes, games and Easter eggs!

Here is the article which serves as a guide on how you can learn and enjoy some jokes in English, play some interactive games and more.

Everybody with a B1 level and higher can enjoy this article.

See below where we have 3 examples of having fun and practising English with Google Assistant.

  1. Say “Play ‘I’m Feeling Lucky'” and you’ll get a trivia quiz (you can play on your own or with up to 6 players). Here is an example of a question you’ll hear:
You can tap the answer or say ‘True/False’.

There are a variety of question types and categories:

Remember to say your answer for more practice.

2) If you prefer, say “Let’s play Crystal Ball” and you’ll see and hear something like this (remember you will hear and read everything and you can ask any question you like):

I won’t tell you the first question I was thinking of – it’s too embarrassing 😳

3) Finally, try out some jokes. Just ask for a joke, or specify a type of joke (e.g. dad jokes, knock-knock jokes, kids’ jokes etc):


Have fun!


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