Story of the week #7 – British Weather

British Weather

So you might know the stereotype that British people love to talk about the weather… Well, true or not, this week’s news story (OK, it was actually published in 2013, but we found it this week) might justify this stereotype. It asks the question ‘Is the British weather unique in the world?’.

This is the article from BBC News. We recommend a B2 level or above to really enjoy reading it.

Vocabulary to look out for

layman (n) – someone who is not trained in or does not have a detailed knowledge of a particular subject

forecast (n + v) – a statement of what is judged likely to happen in the future, especially in connection with a particular situation, or the expected weather conditions

front (n) – the place where two masses of air that have different temperatures meet

drought (n) – a long period when there is little or no rain

hosepipe (n) – a long plastic or rubber pipe, used to direct water onto fires, gardens, etc.

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