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Story of the week #17 – Zoom Cat

Story of the week #17 – Zoom Cat

A lot of people around the world are still working from home (WFH). This has its advantages and disadvantages, but sometimes the technology we use can go wrong.

This week’s Story of the week is the tale of a lawyer who temporarily became a cat during an online meeting!

When you click the link below, watch the video (with subtitles) of what happened, before you read the article to find out the details. (After the article there is a bonus video of some more technology ‘fails’)

Here are the article and videos of this glorious mishap! (Read below for an explanation of mishap.) We recommend a B1 level and above to enjoy the article (but everybody can enjoy the video)

Vocabulary to look out for

mishap (n) – bad luck, or an unlucky event or accident

roll with it (v phr) – To adapt to a situation despite unexpected circumstances or challenges

pop up (v) – a new window that opens quickly on a computer screen in front of what you are working on

hearing (n) – an official meeting that is held to collect the facts about an event or problem

deluge (n) – a lot of something


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