Story of the week #16 – Loyal Dog

Patient dog waits for days outside hospital

Have you got a dog? Are dogs loyal creatures? They say that dogs are ‘man’s best friend’. This week’s Story of the Week is an example of canine loyalty.

When Boncuk the dog’s owner was hospitalised, she spent days sitting and waiting patiently outside the hospital. Happily, Boncuk’s owner came out of hospital and the pair returned home together.

More details are in this article. We recommend a B1 level and above to enjoy this week’s story.

Before you read the article, watch the video below and check out our ‘Vocabulary to look out for’.

Vocabulary to look out for

bead (n) – the translation of ‘Boncuk’ (the name of the dog) – a small, coloured, often round piece of plastic, wood, glass, etc. with a hole through it

nightfall (n) – the time in the evening when it becomes dark

poke (v) her head inside (v phr) – to appear or stretch out from behind or through something else

discharge (v) – to allow someone officially to leave somewhere, especially a hospital

Boncuk the dog waits patiently for her owner in Trabzon, Turkey


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