Story of the week #18 – Subtitles

Turn On The Subtitles

As someone who is learning English, you probably like watching videos with subtitles. In general, people find that using subtitles can help them understand and enjoy what they watch better.

A new campaign called ‘Turn On The Subtitles’ is encouraging parents to turn on the subtitles when their children are watching TV.


According to the campaign, “Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading“.

This week’s Story of the week is a video starring Stephen Fry in which he explains the campaign. Watch it below (there are subtitles of course 😎).

First, here is…

Vocabulary to look out for

riddle (n) – a question or statement requiring thought to answer or understand

chance (n) – the likelihood of something happening; possibility or probability

take a step backwards (phr) – to go backwards and not forwards in terms of progress

a leap (n) – a long jump

be a sport (phr) – to be helpful and amiable

Stephen Fry presenting the Turn On The Subtitles campaign

Read more about the campaign here.

Let us know in the comments. Do you watch TV with subtitles when it’s possible? Do you think subtitles help you learn and understand?


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